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Dentist of the Year 2012

Dr. George Konovsky

Association of Bulgarian Dentists


Welcome to Michelangelo Dental Studio for Cosmetic and General Dentistry

By combining art and science in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, we are able to create a new world of possibilities to enhance your life, through the use of the most advanced techniques and technologies.

We are able to offer to you and your family complete preventive, functional-restorative and cosmetic dental services including bonding, tooth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, crowns, veneers , sealants, and dental implants. We are skilled in providing periodontal (gum) and endo (root canal) therapies and oral surgery. In addition to a commitment to your dental health, we also offer radiographic (x-ray) services with modern RÖ apparatus and radiographic diagnostics on site for your convenience.
Our belief is that you should receive the best dental care possible, and that you should be completely informed of the conditions of your oral health.

We believe in “full care” dentistry. This means that we will recommend whatever is needed to bring you to an optimum state of oral health, and to prevent any future problems. We want to make sure that after your treatment is completed you will only need to visit us for regular cleanings in order to maintain this high degree of oral health.

If you've always dreamed of having a stunning smile -- a smile that is straight and white -- why waste another day. Get the smile you want, the smile you deserve.

When our patients have their new smiles, whether through a simple whitening procedure or a complete Smile Makeover, they not only enhance their appearance, they enhance their lives as well!

81B, Bulgaria Blvd.

Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 8888 61661

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