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Dentist of the Year 2012

Dr. George Konovsky 



About Us

Everyone knows a beautiful smile builds confidence, while healthy teeth and gums improve your overall health. Our goal is to be your partner in achieving both.

We are dedicated to making your dental visit as comfortable, and pain free as possible because we know that enjoying good dental health can extend the quality and quantity of your life.

" I understand that you are an individual with needs that are unique. I always take the time to listen to you and answer your questions. I explain everything in a way that is easy to understand. I do whatever I can to make your visit comfortable, treating you with respect and kindness."

Dr. Konovsky has graduated at the Medical Academy, Faculty of dentistry in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since 1994 for enhancement of qualification: multiple participation in symposia, congresses, postgraduate courses, seminars and individual training lead by internationally recognized specialists and lecturers in USA, UK, and in different countries of  Western Europe in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry with functional restoration, Dental Implants, contemporary Dental Treatment, dental Prophylaxis. In the field of Cosmetic Dentistry the biggest influence has the time he was in the clinic in Beverly Hills, California where Extreme Makeover show was shoot. At dental seminars and symposia in Bulgaria:  Lecturer in the area of Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Modern treatment in Periodontal diseases. Participation in international congress with report. Consultant and moderator for leading dental companies. Editor of the following editions in Bulgaria: Introduction in Immediate Loading in Implantology- Ide&ide; Expert Third Molar Extractions- Soichiro Asanami, Yasunori Kasazaki; Treatment Planing for Traumatized Teeth-Mitsushiro Tsukiboshi, Dental newspaper “Dental World”. Author of specialized articles. Member of Association of Bulgarian Dentists. Certified by Swiss Dental Academy. 

For better, more predictable and reliable results in the practice are used most contemporary and proved dental methods and techniques in a high-level equipped dental office by major and most acknowledged dental manufacturers of equipment and materials. He also uses a magnification telescopes with fiber optic headlight systems allowing him to provide more precision and best care for his patients.

Additional Qualifications

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