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Free Smile Analysis
How important is your smile?
Carefully consider it's on your social, emotional and spiritual well being.

At Home Smile Analysis
There are a number of ways to analyze your smile.

Below is a simple list of questions combining different approach (subjective and objective) that you can do on your own in the convenience of your own home.

1. Do you love the appearance of your teeth and smile in general?
2. Are any of your teeth stained, yellow or discolored?
3. When you smile, are you able to see any missing teeth?
4. When you smile can you see uneven, crooked, or crowded teeth?
5. Are there spaces between your teeth?
6. Do the old fillings in your teeth make them look too dark?
7. Are the biting edges of your upper teeth worn down flat?
8. Do any of your teeth appear short and fat or too small or too large?
9. Do your teeth (as a group) tilt one way or another?
10. When you smile, are your gum levels at the necks of your teeth noticably irregular?
11. When you smile, does it seem like you show too much gum tissue?
12. Are you embarrassed to smile when you have your picture taken?
13. Do you shy away from showing a full smile in front of other people, especially strangers? 14. Are you embarrassed to visit a dentist due to the condition of your teeth or the length of time since your last visit to a dentist?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, you may be a good candidate for Esthetic /Cosmetic Dentistry. Modern Dentistry and it's advanced technology can enhance your appearance and your self-respect. Esthetic /Cosmetic dentistry has the ability to truly change your life. To learn more about the ways we can improve the appearance of your smile, please call us for a Consultation or Comprehensive Evaluation.

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